Our Journey

CPAC's strategic plan was completed in December 2016 and we began our first writing workshop in March 2017.  Since then we've expanded our work in the community reaching out to Veterans at healthcare systems, schools, and community organizations.  Our goal at CPAC is to transform lives and encourage Veterans to develop their God-given gifts and cope with trauma through creativity, kindness, and grace.  We aim to bring them out of  darkness and help them find their purpose in life again. 

In today's world filled with many difficulties in our daily lives, it's tough to discern and discover your purpose.   At CPAC we believe that our Veterans were created with a servant's heart and are always ready and willing to help people in need.  They were created to love and protect and unfortunately along the way many suffer from physical, emotional, and spiritual injuries.  It is very sad that so many of these great men and women are unable to recover from trauma they endured during war.   Each day as we turn on the news and read the newspaper, we grieve and stay in shock that 20 Veterans end their life each day.  That's 600 Veterans a month.   In a year,  7,200 warriors who battled for our freedom have lost their way and will to live in our society. Our ultimate goal is to stop suicide and we believe that together as a community we can again bring hope and healing to our Veterans.  It is now our turn to serve them and our responsibility to act now and do what it takes to stop Veteran suicide.


Our Veterans need you and we need you.  Help us by supporting our workshops to encourage Veterans to create and to cultivate their gifts of grace. Your support will help us continue to provide creative coping tools that will help bring more peace in their life.  It will also help us create more platforms to tell their stories and showcase their amazing gifts in our community.  In this great year of 2019, let's help get our Veterans back on the road to their significant purpose with better health and happiness.  Thank you to each one of you and all our wonderful supporters and sponsors for helping us since we started in 2017.  With your help we can save more lives this year and in the years ahead.